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Hi there!


Remember paper mache? well I recently finished a paper mache vase…hurray?! Considering I haven’t done the technique for years…it was oh so so messy.

A really useful tutorial for this project though is this video from About.com on wheat paste. It is versatile, cheap and cheap. I also used up an empty rice milk tetra because it is waterproof and sturdy.

Instead of tossing Tetra- Paks into the bluebin, jazz them up and reuse them! and who knows, maybe that whole Tetra-Pak recycling problem can be solved! here are some of the articles I found from my research about the topic: 1 and 2 and by that I meant G o o g l e d it up.

For style, I followed the marbelizing tip from this site, which really transforms the texture of newspaper underneath.

I think it turned out great and fancy!
Ok so it’s not really that exciting and maybe it won’t solve the Tetra Pack problem…but now I have a fancy ruler container that can be turned into a flower vase*