Today is Jeanne’s birthday! Yaay!
She is an awesome person, bright, energetic and so much more! la mujer I’ve been bonding with since highschool.

So among the many things she’s given me, there are these pink satin fabric she used for her Hello Kitty inspired Halloween costume last year. So I decided to make a quick and simple gift out of it.

Say hello to the Convertible Roller. This convertible is fashioned from the brush roller tutorial from secretlifeofabionerd, I used a contrasting fabric from my stash. This would be my first time handling a satin fabric and I tell you it is slippery!sewing it doesn’t want to be sewn! hehe I kid. But the fabric is so smooth and light, you would want to put your head on it.

I call it convertible because even though it’s designed to hold make-up brushes, you can make it hold anything. Okay, maybe not every type of thing but instead of just a brush roller it can be converted to hold your pen, eye liner if you have one, paint brush, candy or you handy dandy cutter, alright that one’s mine ;}


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So here you go Jeannie, I hope you make the most of this and I surely have more ideas for those pink satin fabric.

Have a happy birthday!

Love, Szara