So I just got my renewed passport from the mail today. I thought it was funny how I would need a new one when I haven’t flown for nine years. What a waste of all that money and shiny paper…guess how this new one will end up in the next five years?  Un-stamped! Ok, sorry that wasn’t even funny.
Anyways, my mother insisted and I always find it uncomfortable when my photo needs to be taken for documentation. And I thought after all those years of sitting and fixing my hair for school ids, grad photos, immigration applications and passport photos that I would handle it like a pro. But no I had to fuss on my hair, do I wear make up? remember to sit upright-don’t slouch, look through the lens? don’t blink, try not to open your eyes too much and most of all look calm. Maybe the reason why I’m so fussy about it is because most (if not all) photo ids I have are laughable to me, yeah… I mean, it could be the quality, the lighting but I get this look in my eyes, my face it’s either I’m angry, I just look lost or both, I don’t know maybe it’s just me. Maybe I’ve associated taking photos for institutional documents into a bad experience and thus bad results or that people have told me before that I look funny on my passport. Geez it’s just a photo, I got to chill.

Back to passports, I just realized how much I need it! thinking cap on: crossing the border, application for something, clubbing id, drinking id and buying drinks id, not that I use it a lot for that. But for people like me without a driver’s license (twentysomethings who don’t have their G1 represent!) this is one of the very few legit options we can use.
Still, rules and regulations can be better, why couldn’t people have an option to renew their passports only when they are filled with stamps? I mean,  do we really need to spend $87 each (if renewing in Canada or $97 from US) + about $15-20 for photos multiplied by the number of persons renewing (hah, you know this bothers me when I have to use math to explain). I mean, it could just be that I don’t know how these things are processed, if you do, please inform my ignorance.

All that aside, I tried to quick and dirty draw my passport photo to release frustration, et voilà
I hope your photo taking experience is more comfortable than mine.