Hello, Kumusta na? So here we are, August has arrived and summer… almost over! _insert complaints_

What have you been busy with this summer?

If you think I’ve wasted my summer for deciding not to have a paid summer job or that I’ve become a bum, you’re wrong, at least at the job part.Saw

Looking back to what I’ve done with these four months of incredible heat waves and sudden rain, it’s been crazy busy! I crossed a whole new level of DIY, the “home improvement kind” : installed laminate floors-the whole house, designed kitchen backsplash, painted walls, installed sliding doors and a number of little things Oh, and the backyard garden is a success (can you say to-ma-toes? raspberry next year!).

The heavy stuff, mum and I conquered even when it gave her a tennis elbow (yeah, ouch). There was a lot of planning, pauses, and doing it yourself-again! definitely a lot of frustration too: the table saw, miter saw has an unbearable noise plus it can cut off your fingers, silicone is sticky, chemicals smell, there’s so much energy and waste produced to change things. Okay, complaints aside, it’s been a strenuous experience…stop, okay it wasn’t as bad. It was mission totally possible and empowering knowing I can do these things, I can feel it. And it’s almost over, at least for this part of our DIY, I’ll keep post of what’s next.

Oh! I want to show you guys the rag I made out of scraps of clothes. I’ve seen so many of these while I was still living in the Philippines, they are either woven or sewn. Mine is sewn and I’ve already used half of my scraps. For the backing I used a rice sack, it is basically sewing in between the 50+ of scraps (I’ll try making visual instructions later). This is just one great way to re-use these materials that are usually thought to be tossed in the garbage.


another one to go!


And another one! I needed a visible way of organizing my earrings and I got this idea from a how to video that I promise I will add here once I find it, it’s pretty self-explanatory tho.

till next time, paalam!