I really like working with paper. They are easily manipulated, flexible; there’s so many different kinds, handmade, cardboard, plain, printed …and of course they’re everywhere! Really, everywhere, they are your bus tickets, coffee cups, your magazines, books, printed photos, your paper towels and more! (crazy right? check out these facts)

Since, and I don’t think I’m alone in this, I do have tons of paper clutter I choose to take advantage of these resources for my diy (it is cheap!)

I’ve made a couple of paper masks for my RevWear outfits earlier this year made completely with recycled paper. I made them so to fit my ‘steampunk’ inspired outfits, I can’t seem to find photos of the finished mask but here’s an unfinished one instead!


Now, I followed Corinne of Threadbanger‘s Make Magazine’s video on DIY Paper Mask (phew! tons of clicking there, eh?) using paper salvage like newspaper and office paper rejects.

These are bird masks, so remember throughout this tutorial to keep the the texture of the paper by keeping the pointed ends loose.

This DIY is another version of the mask using almost similar supplies with a different design.


A cereal box or any flexible box wide enough for the mask size you will need

A shiny, glittery? box (i had a blue toothpaste box)

Cornstarch paste

2 long ribbon or delicate strings (to use as ties for the mask)

optional (Modpodge, handy dandy glue stick)

scissors, cutter, white paper, pencil


*First! I dont have a formula on how to make a fitted mask that suits your face but Corinne’s video has some instructions that could work for you! Here is my method, grab a white piece of paper, put it on your face (seriously!) press then trace where you eyes are, the end of your nose and top of your eyebrows. Then basically, put it down, straighten out the shapes, clean it up and cut it out (the paper, not your face!).

*Use this to trace on the cereal box using the scissors and the cutter for the eyes.


*Take another part of the cereal box and cut out the nose. The size is however long you want it to be and make sure the tip is pointed. Stick the nose to the mask using Modpodge or cornstarch glue.

*Now that you’ve made sure the basic mask fits, put it aside. Take your shiny box and cut up some triangles! I made my triangles not too big nor too small, they are about 2- 2 1/2 cm long and 1 1/2 cm wide, note that these will be over lapping each other when gluing them to the nose.Image

*Take your newspaper and make shorter triangles- tons of them :/ yeah, I know. To make the best of the newspaper effect, pick the side with the most text so the mask won’t appear patchy, as in make sure the triangles have writing on them so it will look like it came from a newspaper!

*The pasting begins. I recommend sticking the shiny paper first because there’s less of it. Start from the bottom, use your Modpodge (if you have them) for this one because it will need a stronger glue to keep the triangles on the paper. And if you don’t have Modpodge, the cornstarch works well too, you may have to put in more glue for the thicker triangles to stick though.

*Put glue on the wider part of the triangle only, keep the tip loose to keep the 3D, “feathery” texture. As I mentioned, they have to overlap, make it so that the triangle tips are not covering each other. Place them strategically to cover empty spaces and to cover the edge of the nose. If a tip sticks out too much, you can trim it once the glue dies.


*The same thing applies when sticking the newspaper triangles (using the cornstarch mixture): glue only on the wide end, cover the whole mask, overlap, make necessary trims once the glue is completely dry.

*The eyes need special care, since you don’t want to poke anybody, when the paste is dry flip the mask to the “wrong” side and use the cutter to trim the triangle edges that are in the way of the eye hole, trace it with your fingers to feel if the edge has anything pointy! Clean up the shape by doing necessary trimmings

*Take your cutter or scissors, make an incision about 1 1/2 cm from the edge of the mask that aligns the tip of the eye, do this on both sides. Place the ribbon or string and tie a knot on each end to keep them in place

TA DA! you now have a paper mask! how exciting 😛



PS. This mask was in the running for the Totally Green Contest, but it didn’t make the top ten. Take a look at the top ten though! they’re fantastic, the perpetual calendar is genius, i say!

♥ Sz.