There are mistakes people make over and over. Muahahaha… So I caught my grammar and spelling errors from the last post (it’s been edited but if there’s more-just give me a signal). Any Complains? it is silent “t” you know, wait, is it? no? maybe that’s my accent? dammit. Oh em gee can I just say it’s because I was doing it at one in the morning? and you know what happens at that time *wink wink* just kidding. Seriously I do get pretty sweaty and embarrassed when I make grammar and spelling mistakes (or any mistake?), I mean I would be putting down all the ESL classes I HAD to take in highschool, plus that “regular” summer class in English 10 I took just to catch up for the HS Diploma requirements. Like, how did I get to university if I still make these oh-my-gosh-you-learned-this-in-elementary mistakes. Maybe I’m too harsh to myself. I mean I’ve seen so many people use “they’re” and “their” wrong and not even know it. And I’m pretty sure it’s widespread, pervasive okay I feel like I’m describing a disease, but who knows someday we could be reading about an inherited gene defect causing grammar and spelling errors, yeah I kid. So next time, when you see grammar and spelling errors or info I’m not using correctly, please let me know..or let me be is always an option. Yeah, insecure much?

So earlier today I was with my sister and she was getting all mushy with baby feet and I made this comment.
I really was the only one who laughed.

I am leaving you with a great song by Jazzipino artist C. Clamor who dedicated this to Pinays everywhere as a message to stop trying or wanting to change our appearances just to look “mestiza” or “light-skinned” with a “perfect nose” (not flat). She’s awesome huh? Enjoy

PS. I will be visiting this week’s Roger’s Tennis Cup (as spectator not volunteer) at the Rexall Centre, York U, the women are playing this year! I’m excited how I could compare it with last year’s men’s cup hmmm…